McLennan Valley


This deck project started with the replacement of extensively rotted structural support members.  These supports were replaced and waterproofing membrane was applied to prevent rot down the road.  Approx. 30% of the framing members were replaced as well as all of the deck and railing system.  An additional deck was added below to transition the grade as well a a deck overlooking the garden.

The owner was interested in a glass canopy for the deck.  The fir lumber for this project was milled locally.

This railing was a long time coming, completion of this project gave the owners final occupancy after 10 years of temporary occupancy.

A nice place to spend some time on a warm summer evening.

This project required the rebuilding of the bridge super structure after approximately 20 years of service.  The bridge spans about 100 feet; a rebuild of the support structure took place 2 years prior to this renovation.